It is the policy of AmeriMtg to respond promptly and accurately to any consumer complaint regarding our products, services or the manner in which we treated the consumer, provided the person making the complaint identifies himself/herself.

All consumer complaints received by AmeriMtg shall be forwarded to the Vice President. The Vice President will notify the appropriate manager and together they will determine if further escalation of the complaint is warranted.

Complaints can be submitted by calling 949-273-1200, emailing or in person or mail at 15707 Rockfield Blvd, Suite 225, Irvine CA 92618.

In the event of a verbal complaint, the employee receiving the complaint shall document the complaint in writing. AmeriMtg will acknowledge the complaint within 24 hours. An investigation will be conducted promptly and a response shall be provided to the consumer generally within 5 business days. All written complaints shall be responded to in writing. Verbal complaints may be responded to verbally, but a written confirmation of the response shall be sent to the consumer.

If a consumer claims they are the victim of possible fraud, identity theft, breach of information, financial loss or criminal activity, the Vice President, President and Quality Control Manager will be contacted.

A record of consumer complaints, record retention of such complaints, any supporting documentation and responses shall be retained by the Quality Control officer.